Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New iOS Code Camp Dates Announced! October 22nd is the next iOS Code Camp.

iOS Code Camp is our premier online training program.  You’ll be personally guided by Matthew Campbell, author of Objective-C Recipes and lead blogger at How to Make iPhone Apps.  After going through our program, you’ll have the skills to develop real world, magical, iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Matthew has trained and mentored 869 (as of this writing) new iOS developers and many of Matthew’s students have gone on to do consulting and even create their own applications.

What Makes iOS Code Camp Different?

Matt has a unique background having spent many years doing counseling, studying psychology and education before becoming a software developer to help with educational research.  When you take iOS Code Camp, you’ll get a program honed and tested by someone with years of experience in education, psychology and software development.

Of course, Matt is an empiricist and believes in proof.  Check out all the graduates of the program who have earned our App Publisher award at Mobile App Mastery Institute to see some examples of people who have succeeded at iOS Code Camp.

Many more alumni have gone on to do consulting, add mobile to their company.  We do quality assurance surveys for all our online and live trainings and consistently get high marks.

How Does iOS Code Camp Work?

The program is a mixture of self-directed coursework where you go through videos and complete hands-on labs and live video conferencing and interaction via a private forum.  For the 4 weeks of iOS Code Camp, we will be best friends and Matt will be in touch with answers, encouragement and coaching to supercharge your progress as a developer.  Except to spend about 20 hours per week on the training program.

Note by the end of the program, you will have followed a detailed step by step procedure to create a real world app called NoteMaker that includes Core Data, location services, maps, web services, asynchronous processing with Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and more.

How to Register for iOS Code Camp

To get all the information about iOS Code Camp and to register, click right here.

PS BTW, we only let a handful of people into this program so if you’re serious about becoming an iOS developer you may want to act sooner rather than later…  Click right here to register now.

Source : howtomakeiphoneapps[dot]com

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