Monday, March 29, 2010

using CKeditor with django

CKEditor is the new version of famous FCKeditor. In this artical, I note the way we use CKEditor with django-1.1

Assumes that you have python and django-1.1 installed in your system. There're 2 steps that you should follow
  1. Download ckeditor from
  2. Download django-ck from
Then, take a look at wiki page at

All done, extract the ckeditor and copy it into your media folder. This step related to
  • Serve the static file in django Remember that you must avoid the url name /media resembling to admin media prefix.
Make some changes on, create CKEDITOR_PATH as exact URL to the ckeditor.js. Open ck/, set CKeditor.BasePath = "%s/js/ckeditor/";  Don't forget to add 'ck' to your installed apps in

That okies, all you need is follow the guide in wiki and make admin works.